programmable bird scarecrow bird scaring 570 sound / ultrasound
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Fully programmable bird scaring bird scaring 570 sound / ultrasound plus laser capability

Fully programmable bird scarf bird scaring codec sound + ultrasound + laser in one, new version. Possible to connect 3 to 5 speakers. The laser module can be purchased separately.
The latest product of our company in the world for sowing different species of birds living within the EU. The user determines exactly what sounds he will shave, how often he will shave, how much intensity and support he can buy laser light switched by this programmer.

The device is delivered programmed. In the initial phase, the user sets only the basic modes of operation - defines the sounds transmitted and their playing time, complete time operations, and additional functions when connected, i.e., laser light, speaker switching.

Effectiveness: pigeons, crows, storks, stalks, sparrows, shrimps, worms, gulls, cormorants, droopers. Also, the device can also be used for rodent bumps and many other pests in industry.

For hunted birds such as sheepflies, house foxers, you will no longer be able to use the saucer in May - July. The sausage must be applied before harvesting or after leaving the nest. The nests of the nest with youngsters will not let go!
After leaving the nest, we recommend washing the SAVOM - chlorine plaster to disinfect the odors and then install a sound or even a visual saucer.

The given Repeller broadcasts the various natural recorded audio signals in the audible band (including ultrasonic), i.e., Birds of Emergency and Offensive Sounds, Fears, Birds in an Effective Audible Range of 4 x 100W Audio.

This Repeller bird sends a series of naturally recorded sounds of emergency birds, and the sounds of predators call them to be outraged, blunted and disoriented at an effective 3/5 speaker range and the ability to add up to 8 repro.
These high-definition digital recordings are played on 3/5 x speakers (as ordered) to create an environment that is threatening and inhospitable to birds. The playlist is fully programmable.
Sonic & Ultrasound - Produces a combination of acoustic sounds and high-frequency sound waves that are audible to people, but do not mind a man. They are only audible like the sounds of birds of prey.

Customizable - Volume adjustment, sound delay according to your pre-selected times
Real Sounds - High quality digital playback of naturally recorded threats, plus ultrasound

It is a professional bird-breeding product - in general. Plaiser works
in an audible band. It is a proven device from our production in collaboration with BirdX, where extensive field trials took place. The device will significantly reduce or completely reduce the infestation with birds in your area.

The most active product (in audible and ultrasonic band) against all migratory birds and pigeon. A permanently usable product of the switch in a few adjustable times. The digital recording chip guarantees the highest reproduction quality. The product sends out natural shrieks, a scream of fear, threats and sounds of birds of prey. The sounds are alternately rotated and the bird prevents the bird from entering the guarded area.

• professional bird scaring,
• maximum possible efficiency,
• speakers are part of the product,
• random timing,
• 40 kinds of screamings recorded on the chip, (possible uploads and sounds from you)

Device - the control unit is not intended for outdoor use, it is appropriate to place it at least in the enclosed room.

The device works on the principle of loud sound, so we do not recommend the device directly to residential complexes, where the sounds of birds of prey may disturb people in general if they want to have peace and quiet at home. Even though there is no problem with the audio noise being weakened and adapted to your environment and only ultrasound environment.
Birds given the sound coming out of the saucer perceive as a danger and fly away. Birds are sound disturbed and disoriented. They get upset and disoriented, they think their birds' flocks are in trouble, so they're flying away from an area where you do not want them to be flown or nestled in it.
Where birds feed or fly, you will first find out what bird habits are. This will help you determine the best location and setup of your device. Pigeons have a little different habits, but it is also possible to try pure ultrasonic screens from our offer.
It is advisable to try setting the mode, as observed in a particular environment.
The device has up to 40-80 sounds, so choose the right sound with that group for your needs or choose all the sounds.
In fact, it is advisable to set all the available sounds, and by step-by-step switching off those that your birds do not respond to in your surroundings. Then, if you need to divert different birds in the future, you can simply pre-program the device.
In addition to programming for selected birds, you can also program the so-called period (between sound or noise and silence) or program random sounds


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