Multifunctional animal repellent with two active sides DUO 864 /
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Multifunctional animal repellent with two active sides DUO 864 / B080, for outdoor areas, solar powered, 24 hour operation.

Double-sided DUO scarer designed for scaring deer, i. high game, raccoons, wild rabbits, dogs, cats, birds, opossums and other animals in your garden, lawn, pond and landscaped areas without harming the pest. The pest just scares the neighbors ...
Laboratory research has shown that certain ultrasonic sound waves attack the auditory and nervous systems of most common pests, causing them pain and discomfort. 140 decibels of sound pressure. Pests give up their source of food, water and shelter and move on.
These high-intensity sound waves are beyond the hearing range of humans and livestock. The device works in ultrasonic mode, so it will not disturb you in your garden when scaring pests.
The device can work in your garden for 24 hours all year round. It requires no maintenance or adjustment. Flushing is automatic and effective throughout the day and night.
The technology is not harmful to cats, dogs, fish, birds and livestock.

1. When the pest-animal enters the detection areas of the device, the device will emit a high-frequency ultrasonic sound and flashing LED flash, which frightens, irritates and annoys the intruding animal.
2. Two PIR sensors built into the front and back allow the device to automatically emit a strong ultrasonic sound and LEDs flashing from both sides when both sides are triggered, giving you a dual function. Two repellents in one.

1. Multifunctional solar animal repellent with bilateral repulsion of deer, raccoons, rabbits, dogs, cats, birds, opossums and other animals outside gardens, lawns, ponds and landscaped areas without harming them.
2. When unwanted animals enter the PIR area, they will emit high-frequency ultrasound and strong flashing light to scare them away.
3. Works day and night without chemicals, a safe and easy-to-use alternative to chemical repellents and electric fences
4. Amorphous silicon solar drive, removable solar panel with 270 degree rotation, ecological.
5. Including AA 3X800 mAh rechargeable batteries.

At the bottom of the device you will find a three-way - three-position switch.
Mode 0: OFF.
Mode I: The device emits strong ultrasonic waves during 24 hours of operation, LED flashing was controlled by a light-dependent detector (works only at night).
Mode II: The device emits strong ultrasonic waves during 24 hours of operation, the flashing of the LED was controlled by a light-dependent detector but also works during 24 hours of the day.

1. Power supply: 3 * AA rechargeable batteries (separate adjustable solar panel can convert light energy into electricity and is stored in rechargeable batteries) or 5 V DC adapter
2. Sweeping frequency: 19kHz-30KHz
3. Detection range: 8 - 9 meters

WARNING - recommended:
Before the first use, it is advisable to connect the solar panel to the device and leave it on the window or in the garden for a day or two, especially in direct sunlight, but leave the device switched off. The device is charged with this step, i. internal flashlights are activated one hundred percent. Only then switch on the device and place it in the flushing area. It is especially suitable in spring or autumn, when sunshine is not so effective. In summer, you can safely place it in the scare area of ​​interest. In winter, the device will work, but the sunshine does not have to charge it to such a capacity that it works even on days when the sun is shrouded in clouds, or at night.

The device has a built-in detection and heating of a weak battery, if the weather is constantly raining for several days, the batteries will not have enough energy, the red LED will flash. So you will be informed that the scarecrow is not working properly.
As a customer, you only have to wait for sunny days for the device to start operating in normal mode.
Check the ground surface before use. Frozen or stony soil, irrigated or waterlogged soil is not suitable. Dig a hole in the solid ground to place the device and sprinkle the clay around the stand again. The device must not be placed below the surface (level) of the soil, as flooding rainwater would damage the device.
Soil density will significantly affect the efficiency of the equipment. The stronger the Earth, the better the device will work. A hammer should not be used during installation. Excessive force should not be applied to damage the device.

Ultrasound is really powerful for effective scaring. It happens that one can hear part of the frequency spectrum of the repellent within its range (young people under 25 and especially children). Therefore, place the device as far away from human life as possible to avoid inconveniences. Do not install this device on a playground where children are present.

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