Repellent marten, marten Plašič automotive ultrasonic 751-12V-in
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High quality device - marten repellent for motor vehicles, repel intruders from your car marten is completely waterproof so it is suitable for cars which are more prone parts water. Safeguard your engine compartment in front of chewed insulation, cables and PVC tubing that martens very tasty. It also protects the wiring. The device is designed for direct installation in the engine compartment and the bottom of the engine, because it is waterproof. Repellent electronics is protected against water, moisture
and the heat which, in the engine compartment commonly found. The device produces ultrasonic frequency (inaudible to humans) 21 kHz.

Ultrasonic peak-repellent Plašič martens and rodents for automobiles, agricultural machinery, caravans, boats and the like. Extremely durable device with IP65, resistant against water immersion

Ultrasonic repellent Plašič-M-180C produces ultrasonic pulses that are very uncomfortable for small pests. Plašič-repellent acts mainly to martens, weasels and small rodents. Thus protects the wiring and plastic components in the engine compartment car from destruction.
Repellent-scarer is also suitable for the protection of agricultural machinery, boats, caravans, etc.
The device is designed to power the car battery, it can however also be powered using the AC adapter. Compared to other repellents device excels higher intensity ultrasound pulses, resistance and consume less energy from the battery.
Expert opinion:
The device is supplied with Slovak instruction and detailed description. It connects two wires and attach the handle itself ordinary motorists. The device is already time-tested and has really good results
the protection of the engine compartment before kuna. Electronics Repellent horse is embedded in resin
and thus protected from moisture and heat fluctuations, which in the engine compartment commonly found. Unlike other manufacturers repellent device is very reliable and does not suffer from such defects caused by poor production. We recommend.
Supply voltage: 9-15 VDC (connects directly to vehicle battery 12V, protected by a fuse)
(Do not connect to 24V !!!)
Frequency devices: 21 to 22 kHz,
Sound power 100 dB
Power consumption devices: 0.1 W,
Operating temperature: -40 to 80 st. C.
Protected by a fuse.
Device dimensions: 70 x 50 x 30 mm.
Expert opinion: We recommend this device - marten repellent to protect the engine compartment This is one
the most effective method of preventing a snake and other pests. As we tell our customers with the best pest protection repellent combination of several methods. In this case the ultrasound and the high voltage pulse. The product is very good and can withstand shocks, or large temperature fluctuations that are common in the engine compartment. The electronics are all cast in resin and very well protected, unlike other manufacturers, whose products suffer from defects arising from the aggressive environment of the engine compartment.

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