It is not uncommon for neighbor cat owners to allow their cats to roam free outdoors. And that’s fine, until the their cats decide to use your property as a litter box or play area—and that's where a cat deterrent comes in! We have heard complaints of neighbor's cats defecating in yards, pooping in mulch, digging up gardens, lounging on decks and patios, walking along window sills, and even intimidating residents and other pets. If male 'tom' cats are unneutered, they will also often spray urine to mark their territory – resulting in unpleasant messes and foul odors.

   Here at Bird-X, many of us are cat lovers as well as cat owners. However, we understand that it is sometimes necessary to deter cats from certain areas. Whether the unwanted trespassers are stray cats, feral cats or a neighbor's wandering cats, you probably want a discreet, humane, and effective cat repellent.

For yards, gardens, and areas up to 3,000-4,000 square feet: The electronic ultrasonic repellents that use sounds out of the range of human hearing to irritate pest animals, like unwanted cats, repelling them from your property. Because the soundwaves are nearly silent to the human ear, these products can be used within residential areas. With specific pest animal settings, and continuous or motion sensor operation modes, these devices are effective, low maintenance products. If larger outdoor areas are in need of protection, contact us for the best way to achieve maximum results.

For a plant and flower safe option: is an all-organic deterrent making it environmentally safe, family safe, pet safe, & plant safe. Compared to similar products that contain blood, urine, or rotten egg, this formula has no harmful chemicals added to the formula. By applying Nature’s Defense weekly to the infested area, a scent barrier will be created to irritate unwanted pests. Not only will pest cats be deterred, but over 20 additional pest species will forced away from your property.